Authorisation Management

What is PlainID?
PlainID empowers enterprises across industries by dramatically reducing the overall investment in authorisations. We provide an agile, dynamic, standards based, externalised authorisation solution.

We are a cyber-security company that utilises an innovative approach to simplify and optimise dynamic, fine grained access to resources and data. Moving to the cloud, implementing mobile based solutions and enhancing the on premise authorisation control, becomes much easier with PlainID.

PlainID Is The Perfect The Solution


Our offering is designed to be sophisticated, yet simple. PlainID dramatically reduces your organisation’s resource investment in authorisations, saving you time and money.

In a few clicks, you can add a new app for authorisation management, move legacy authorisations to mobile apps or the cloud, and connect a set of authorisations to a new group of managed entities.


Our smart authorisation solution calculates entitlements when requested, and can adapt to any situation. We use a robust, dynamic rule engine to determine relevant scenarios for authorisation.

Time, location, event, risk level and any other attribute can influence the type of authorisation granted to a specific entity when accessing the app.


We use a custom graphical technology to represent connections between entities (people, devices, things, services, etc.) and the conditions governing certain actions.

For example, all managers (a ‘people role’) can trade in the trading app from office desktops (a ‘device role’), whereas they are only able to monitor information when working from a tablet.


Business applications should focus on functionality, without having rigid authorisation decisions ‘baked into’ the code. PlainID enables coding to be solely dedicated to delivering the capabilities, actions and data your company needs.

Simultaneously, we provide a flexible advanced solution for decision making to support your continuously evolving requirements.

Whether you’re facing entitlements management challenges, struggling with a complex IDM project,
or are simply interested in learning more, we’re here to help.

We believe that authorisations should be…

PlainID provides a comprehensive authorisation layer within the organization. Using PlainID enables you to:

Move Seamlessly to the Cloud

Transferring your most valuable assets to the cloud shouldn’t be complicated. Implementing a private or public cloud for your business becomes much simpler with PlainID.

We handle all of your authorisations using industry best practices to ensure optimal security.

Enhance Overall Security

Want an ‘emergency button’ that disables an action across all applications? We can do that.

PlainID provides real-time control of authorisations, by reducing high-risk access on demand and tailoring time and location-adaptive authorisations (and more) according to your needs.

Implement Mobile Apps Quickly

In today’s tech-centred world, your approach to business needs to be device agnostic.

PlainID speeds up the process of moving from legacy to mobile, by providing a built-in, unified solution that translates legacy entitlements to mobile-based authorisations across all mobile apps

Control Deployment

With PlainID, you call the shots. You’re able to set an exact date and time for when a specific business function is published to a given audience—and you can do it through as many large or small groups as you require.

Update entitlements and make any changes from one convenient, centralized app.