Certificate Management

Securing data whether at rest or in transit has become a major concern for IT managers because of security risks originating both in house and outside.
Digital certificates play an important role in securing various types of business data and processes.

Enterprises are facing growing potential risks when using large numbers of unmanaged certificates. Some IT managers are responsible for hundreds or even thousands of certificates. They are still managing certificates manually, using old fashioned tools like spreadsheets. Manual management cannot provide a complete overview of enterprise risks, and it is difficult to keep track of the number and type of certificates issued, where they are installed, and what is their lifespan. The growing use of certificates makes their monitoring very time consuming.

Our solution provide companies with an easy and a time saving way of discovering the certificates you have, providing alerts and reporting tools and an easy policy based automatic renewal all wrapped up in one easy gui.

Key Features & BenefitsS

  • WS interface for life cycle management
  • Remote agent collecting internal certificates from other forests
  • Collects MS-CA certificates
  • Supports all MS-CA versions
  • Finds certificates in MS local machine stores
  • Automatically renews MS-CA certificates
  • Issues certificates by template or CSR
  • Renews certificates with all the original parameters
  • Revokes certificates
  • Provides a migration tool from SHA1 to SHA2
  • Scans and collects SSL certificates
  • Remote agents collect certificates from remote networks
  • Supports all CAs and platforms
  • Imports certificates from files
  • Sends email alerts (notifications) and writes event logs
  • Performs online queries about certificate status
  • Generates various CSV reports
  • Allows PKI health monitoring with graphical presentation
  • Displays policy exceptions such as key length
  • Presents security policy compliance summary and certificate categories

About C-View

Certificate Management (C-View) provides a comprehensive solution for the management and monitoring of enterprise PKI certificates, while significantly reducing the total cost of ownership and optimising the IT managers’ work process.

C-View simplifies the administration of corporate public key infrastructure and proactively manages the entire life cycle of all digital certificates, thus preventing damage to the credibility and the image of the organisation among its customers and partners.

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C-View Enterprise

C-View is designed to assist enterprises in minimising the security risks associated with expired, invalid or fraudulent digital certificates. With the use of SSL certificates expanding daily, and IT departments having to manage hundreds and even thousands of certificates, conducting such an operation without a management and monitoring tool is a mission impossible.

C-View Enterprise allows large organisations a centralised and efficient management of an unlimited number of digital certificates throughout their entire life cycle, including issuance, renewal and revocation. This includes continuous monitoring of all the PKI elements, as well as automation of the certificate handling process.

The main functions of C-View are to streamline the administrative work of the IT personnel, to prevent downtime in business services, and to save IT operating costs.

C-View helps organisations to reduce the risk of service outage and access denial due to invalid or expired certificates, as well as to maintain continuous compliance with security policies, to improve flexibility and to achieve strategic objectives with greater certainty.

Among C-VIEW clients you would find government agencies, security organisations, telecommunication providers and financial companies, all of which use our innovative IT solutions to improve the security of their systems that use encryption and digital certificates.

The philosophy behind the solution is based on an individual approach to each client. We believe that every project is unique and requires detailed study, taking into account all the organisation’s requirements. Therefore we strived to make our service as simple and understandable as possible. Any client should be able to start using all the features of our solutions immediately after installation without spending precious time and efforts on studying the new software.

C-View Enterprise also contains agents that can be used to collect certificates from CAs installed in other forests, as well as scan certificates at remote networks.