Proactive Cyber Defence

Cyber-attacks on companies are growing year on year. Recent changes in legislation like the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to make companies take a hard look at how they are secured and if they are at risk.
Over the last two decades we have developed a unique set of technologies and array of tools that optimise the collection and analysis of intelligence on a company’s infrastructure and information.
Once engaged, we can investigate and report on any part of your network and infrastructure to help with the continuing and growing threats faced by businesses today.

We can provide you with a full suite of cyber defence services either white labels as your own or directly to an organisation.

Key Features & BenefitsS

  • 24 hour automated collection
  • Extensive coverage of DEEP WEB sources
  • Unique Intellectual Property – DUA (Digital Undercover Avatars)
  • Analysis tools
  • Process based Intelligence Lead Management system
  • Effective intelligence follow up and reporting
  • Security risk management
  • Formation varying from indexed web, the deep-web and the Dark-net

Combined Capabilities


A unique technology that optimizes the intelligence information analysis


Can be conducted on the infrastructure level or on the application level


High level sophisticated penetration test which focuses on information assets


Providing the ability to identify, contain and neutralize a cyber-threat


Our cyber security assessments are based on our “attacker oriented” approach.


Cyber intelligent defense operation center, which combines cutting edge technologies

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Cyber Security Experts

Our leadership team has cyber experience from a wide range of areas including military, government and commercial organisations.

Using our proven multi-layered security methodology for cyber defence we take a proactive approach focusing on threat deterrence, detection and response.

We utilise a broad range of cyber security services and solutions gathered from collaborations with information security specialists providing a unique attackers approach.

Penetration Testing and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

This test can be conducted on both the infrastructure level or the application level.

Tests includes a mapping of the segment, identifying weak links in the infrastructure chain, misconfiguration and out of date systems which could allow an unauthenticated attacker to gain privileges inside the segment.

This test examines a wide array of components inside the network mostly untested and less secure oriented (Printers, Switches, Storage systems, DVR systems) and common systems (web applications, mail, file systems and monitoring servers).

Tests on the application layer – A specific test win32 and WEB including the use of automatic tools and manual analysis of the application’s logic, high risk functions and overall security in both application level and deployment level.

Performed in a number of ways ranging from having no information regarding the application (black box) and up to having the application source code (white box).

  • Automated searches of open ports and known vulnerabilities within systems and protocols that have external references.
  • Manual process for identifying additional vulnerabilities.
  • Examining of remote access capabilities (VPN, Terminal, etc.).
  • Identifying external access to exposed assets.
  • Input Validation in order to prevent SQL injection, cross site scripting, local file inclusion and other, more common attacks.
  • Identification details on client side, bypass through change password mechanisms, password retrieval and more.
  • Permissions – examine the permissions process through all application interfaces, problems such as: Forced browsing Information disclosure, directory listing, and path traversal.

Cyber Forensics and Response Team

Providing the ability to identify, contain and neutralise a cyber-threat with the additional ability to analyse and investigate a specific mobile, network or PC event or incident.

Providing an additional 24/7 response team service with detailed and costumed SLA provided to meet specific operational needs, our team of experts will provide a Layer 2 solution with professional capabilities to best respond, block, contain, remedy and manage a cyber-security incident.

Cyber and Security Audits and Surveys

Our cyber security assessments are based on our “attacker oriented” approach, unlike most methodologies, our approach inhabits both the common best practices in the market and our unique military and intelligence offensive experience, creating the ultimate team of experts guided by a defence methodology that was created through years of practical attack and defence experience for critical infrastructure.

This unique approach enables our team of experts to provide an in-depth survey of our client’s defensive capabilities and cyber security readiness against any and all cyber related threats.

Training and Qualifications

Cyber Hat provides a vast selection of Cyber training courses, seminars and workshops for private and public companies at all management and technological levels, all of which are custom made for our client’s specific requirements.

Cyber Hat has hands-on experience in fully establishing operational cyber units for various state and private level organizations, from architecture and design of technologies and operational systems through procurement of tools, software, infrastructure and applications, up to training and qualification of professional manpower and command.

Cyber Hat’s proven track record in building and training cyber units and cyber teams, provide us with a unique experience of end to end training of various levels of man power and a vast experience in maintaining an ongoing qualification process for cyber related skills and abilities.