CyBot Product Suite

The CyBot product suite, developed by Cronus Cyber Technologies, is a unique patented predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) software solution that gives organizations the technical and security business intelligence (BI) data required to evaluate their resiliency against cyber threats; mitigate sophisticated cyber scenarios; and accurately invest in the best cyber security strategy.

The CyBot product suite includes the CyBot Pro, which continuously scans all IP-based components in a single environment, and the CyBot Enterprise, which offers a global view of the entire environment aggregated from multiple CyBot Pro instances and add-on modules for specific environments or products such as VoIP or ERP

Why Cybot Pro and Cybot Enterprise

Cronus Cyber Technologies is a global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) solutions.

Our patented technology imitates human hacker operating practices to discover, predict, analyze, and mitigate the risk of sophisticated cyber attacks – all in real-time.

By deploying Cronus technology, enterprises can accurately evaluate their resiliency against cyber threats; and proactively adjust their security protection strategies to mitigate the risks.

When deployed in global, multi-site enterprises, information can even be shared across sites to depict global attack path scenarios.

Have Full Peace of Mind Your Protected Online

Imitates human hacker behaviour to predict sophisticated and dynamic attack path scenarios

Identifies vulnerabilities and complex attack paths in real-time

Analyses the data providing a dynamic risk map to mitigate the threat of cyber attacks

Performs around-the-clock penetration testing on all IP-based – infrastructure, applications and databases.

Uses patented light-touch and fast scanning technology that does not disrupt critical systems

CyBot Enterprise aggregates information from multiple CyBot Pro’s creating complex Global attack path scenarios

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