Terms and Conditions


These are RIDGEWORKS DS standard terms of business which are incorporated into this Contract and any other contract or agreement for RIDGEWORKS DS to provide support and services which will override any other express or implied terms and conditions including but not limited to your standard terms and conditions.


Note: Systems covered by this Contract are indicated on the cover of this document and some specific clauses may therefore not apply.




1 Interpretations


1.1 “Contract” means the Support and Services Contract to which these terms & conditions are incorporated.


1.2 “Support and Services” means the support and services provided by RIDGEWORKS DS as described in the Contract


1.3 “RIDGEWORKS DS” shall mean Ridgeworks DS ltd, 332 Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 2JF


1.4 “You” or ‘”your” means the Company, Customer, Organisation, Person or Persons with whom we have entered into the Contract for the supply of Support and Services.


1.5 “Users” and/or “End User” mean individuals using the Systems


1.6 “Systems” means any Items, Products, Equipment, Services, Cloud Services, Package of Services, Software or Media covered by this Contract


1.7 “Schedule of Cover” is the specification of Systems covered by this Contract for the relevant contract year. Please refer to this to ascertain the particular Contract Terms & Conditions clauses relating to your Systems.


1.8 A reference to a company shall include any company, corporation or other body corporate, wherever and however incorporated or established.


1.9 Unless the context otherwise requires, words in the singular shall include the plural and in the plural shall include the singular.


1.10 Unless the context otherwise requires, a reference to one gender shall include a reference to the other genders.




2 Contract Duration


2.1 This Contract shall continue unless and until terminated by either party giving to the other at least 30 days prior written notice provided that RIDGEWORKS DS may agree at its entire discretion to a shorter notice period being given by you. Exceptions to this notice period are as follows


2.1.1 12 month Contracts – 30 days prior to end of each 12 month contract period whether paid monthly or annually excepting


2.1.2 Sage 50/200/Bespoke Applications – 60 days prior to end of each 12 month contract period whether paid monthly or annually


2.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the Systems are being provided for use in the course of conducting a business and accordingly, no statutory consumer protection shall be afforded by RIDGEWORKS DS to You.


2.3 RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to cancel and/or suspend the Systems or any of them at any time without notice if You are in breach of any of the terms of this Contract (including but not limited to the failure to pay any monies when due).




3 Service Level Agreement (SLA)


3.1 The support and service levels offered by RIDGEWORKS DS form an important part of this Contract and relate specifically to the Systems specified in your Schedule of Cover or detailed on our invoice to You.


3.2 To achieve the optimum level of support this SLA is written in the spirit of partnership with You to ensure the effective resolution of all issues.


3.3 The SLA will not apply if any of the exclusions noted in the ‘Exclusions’ clause below apply or generally when


3.3.1 Circumstances apply that could reasonably be said to be beyond RIDGEWORKS DS control, e.g. floods, war, acts of god, etc


3.3.2 You are in breach of our Contract with You for any reason, e.g. late payment of fees.


3.4 Having said all that, RIDGEWORKS DS always aims to be helpful and accommodating and will do its absolute best to assist wherever possible and to rectify every issue in a timely manner.






4.1 Requesting Support


Any problems encountered when using the Systems covered by this Contract will be addressed by telephone, email, or remote connection. So far as is reasonable and practicable, telephone support will be given only to people having at least a basic knowledge of the Systems. Please note the following procedures for obtaining support:-


4.1.1 Telephone Support. To talk to us, please ring us on 0113 418 2004 Support lines are open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. It would be useful if you could email through any supporting information/ screen shots, etc relating to the query.


4.1.2 Email Support. Please email support”@ridgeworksds.co.uk (rather than an individual who may be absent when you need help). Your enquiry will be acknowledged and an email response will be sent by the next working day.


4.2 On-Line support: You can submit your support request online www.rwsupport.co.uk – First time you need to register online.


4.3 Out of Hours Support. Should you require help outside normal working hours, please contact us in advance – RIDGEWORKS DS are quite flexible for particular needs.


4.4 Disaster Recovery. In cases of disaster, e.g. loss of data, RIDGEWORKS DS offer a priority service of practical assistance to get you up and running as soon as possible. NB: RIDGEWORKS DS are unable to guarantee results beyond restoring data to your last good backup




5 Response Times


5.1 Response times apply between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.


5.2 RIDGEWORKS DS is deemed to have responded when it has replied to your initial request. This may be in answer to your telephone call or in the form of an email to provide either a solution or request for further information.


5.3 All issues/requests for support are logged when they are received on the following basis:-


5.3.1 Requests received by telephone will be acknowledged immediately and, where possible, a resolution offered there and then.


5.3.2 Email requests must be sent to the specified email, will be acknowledged by the next working day and, where possible, a resolution offered. Please note emails to individuals may not receive the same response time


5.3.3 Solutions which require additional time will be provided as soon as possible and you will be kept informed of progress throughout the duration.


5.3.4 In all instances, priority will be given based on business impact as described under Section 6 Severity Levels.




6 Severity Levels


6.1 Business Critical


Systems are inoperable and no workaround is immediately available; substantial loss of service; security of site in question; all or substantial portions of customer data is inaccessible


6.2 Function Critical One or more major pieces of functionality within the Systems is severely impaired; restricted processing; long-term productivity might be adversely affected


6.3 Limited Impact Partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the Systems; some components affected; users able to workaround any inconsistency or impairment.


6.4 Cosmetic Impact/Questions Systems are working consistently and usage and productivity are not impaired; issue is general usage; cosmetic issues;




7 Resolution Times


7.1 RIDGEWORKS DS will always endeavour to resolve problems as swiftly as possible. It recognises that your Systems are key to your business and that any downtime can cost money.


7.2 RIDGEWORKS DS cannot provide guaranteed resolution times because the nature and causes of problems can vary enormously. For instance, some errors may lie within the software itself and require intervention by the software house (e.g. Sage) to resolve it. As stated elsewhere in this document, RIDGEWORKS DS cannot emphasise enough the value of reliable, frequent backups, to ensure that business continuity can be assured with minimum loss of data or delay.


7.3 In all cases RIDGEWORKS DS will use its best efforts to resolve problems as quickly as possible. It will also provide frequent progress reports to the client.


7.4 To guarantee optimal performance of your Systems, it will be necessary for RIDGEWORKS DS to perform routine maintenance. Such maintenance often requires taking RIDGEWORKS DS Systems off-line, typically performed during off-peak hours. RIDGEWORKS DS will give you advance notice of maintenance requiring your Systems to be taken off-line whenever possible.




8 Limitation of Risk


RIDGEWORKS DS is very aware of the potential impact of any work carried out on Client Systems. The following describes the approach taken by RIDGEWORKS DS to safeguard your Systems.


8.1 Prior to starting work full backups will be taken by You and/or RIDGEWORKS DS whenever possible.


8.2 Any backups/client data taken off site will be retained by RIDGEWORKS DS under the following conditions:-


8.2.1 Stored within a secure encrypted network


8.2.2 Restricted access to authorised users only


8.2.3 Secure independent file structures


8.2.4 Additional backups/verification taken at agreed intervals to confirm the ongoing integrity of your Systems.




9 Your Personal Details


9.1 You warrant and represent to us that the contact information, system specification and other details that you have provided to us (and as set out in your Schedule of Cover), are true and correct in every detail and that you undertake to keep this information up to date at all times. You agree that RIDGEWORKS DS may suspend access to your account and Systems if RIDGEWORKS DS reasonably believe that any of the information you have supplied is inaccurate in any material particular.


9.2 RIDGEWORKS DS will not provide any of your personal information to other companies or individuals without your permission unless required to do so by law. However, RIDGEWORKS DS may need to provide this information to third parties that assist RIDGEWORKS DS in delivering specific Systems to you (e.g. customer support and maintenance).




10 Hardware Cover


10.1 Servers, PCs, Workstations (see full specification in your Schedule of Cover).


10.2 Network connections including internet connectivity and emails (additional fee applies)


10.3 Printer/scanner installations (additional fee applies)


10.4 Optional Cover: Monthly on-line maintenance checks on hardware and network devices as follows:-


10.4.1 Connectivity to Network peripherals such as printers and fax machines. Services ‘outside the firewall’.


10.4.2 Maintenance of Security Systems including anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spy-ware. Operational links and interfaces with third-party software. External VPN connections.


10.4.3 Maintenance and verification of back-up Systems.


10.5 For any specific contract variations, please see your Schedule of Cover




11 Cloud Services – General


11.1 Appropriate Systems Use


11.1.1 RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to refuse Support and Services and/or access to the servers and/or to any user or potential user, in the event of any illegal, unlawful, abusive or inappropriate use or intent.


11.1.2 RIDGEWORKS DS does not allow any content which is illegal, unlawful, abusive or inappropriate to be stored on the servers, and RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to suspend Systems immediately where it reasonably suspects any such abuse.


11.1.3 RIDGEWORKS DS shall notify you if it becomes aware of any allegation that you breach appropriate use of the Systems.


11.1.4 RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to move your data to a different server with no prior notice.


11.1.5 You shall indemnify RIDGEWORKS DS against all damages, losses and expenses arising as a result of any action or claim that the data, content and/or any other material breaches appropriate use of the Systems.


11.1.6 In the event that RIDGEWORKS DS removes data or content from the Systems and/or suspends your site, and later reinstates such content and/or resumes the Systems, You shall indemnify RIDGEWORKS DS against all damages, losses and expenses arising as a result of any action or claim that such content and/or data and/or the Systems on your site breaches appropriate use of the Systems.


11.2 Usage


11.2.1 If You or any Customer exceeds the agreed usage limit in any month, then You will be notified of such excess and any additional storage will only be permitted when RIDGEWORKS DS have your written agreement to pay for the additional usage in accordance with our Prices.


11.3 Data


11.3.1 All data created or stored by you within RIDGEWORKS DS applications and the servers are your property. RIDGEWORKS DS shall allow access to such data by only authorised RIDGEWORKS DS personnel. RIDGEWORKS DS makes no claim of ownership of any web server content, email content, or any other type of data contained within your server space or within applications on the servers.


11.3.2 In the event of loss of or damage to your data relating to a failure in RIDGEWORKS DS Systems or the servers, RIDGEWORKS DS will make reasonable commercial efforts to assist you in the restoration of your data, however you accept full responsibility for maintaining adequate backup copies of all your data.


11.3.3 You shall indemnify RIDGEWORKS DS against all damages, losses and expenses arising as a result of any action or claim that the content or data on your site or content or data accessed from or published as part of the Systems infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party.


11.4 Passwords


11.4.1 It is your responsibility to keep your password(s) and encryption keys confidential, secure and recoverable by authorised users whenever required and to change the password on a regular basis. RIDGEWORKS DS is not responsible for any data losses or security issues owing to stolen passwords or any passwords that you have intentionally or accidentally disclosed to any third party, nor for any lost or forgotten passwords or encryption keys. RIDGEWORKS DS recommends that you use complex passwords that contain at least a combination of numbers and symbols in order to prevent unauthorised users from guessing commonly-used choices (i.e. “12345”, “password”, etc.).




12 Cloud Services – Details


The following specific terms & conditions relate to the cloud services below


12.1 Online Backup


12.1.1 Storage space will only be provided remotely and not on site.


12.1.2 You will be required to provide sufficient bandwidth for this service to function efficiently.


12.1.3 In the event of hybrid backup (i.e. offsite and on your premises), sufficient local storage needs to be provided


12.1.4 Additional charges might apply in the event of special modules such as mailbox levels and VM modules.


12.1.5 For certain additional modules such as backup of Microsoft Exchange, sufficient local storage needs to be provided.


12.2 Mail Secure


12.2.1 RIDGEWORKS DS will provide only the mail secure services.


12.2.2 You will need to provide the appropriate domain services for hosting of the mail services.


12.2.3 You will need to provide local solutions for any replications of services.


12.2.4 In the event of any special modules additional charges may apply.


12.3 Business Continuity (Hosted Server)


12.3.1 Either by way of Software as a Service (“SAAS”) or on-premises replication.


12.3.2 With an on-premises solution, You will need to provide us with all appropriate hardware and software.


12.3.3 In the event of replication services You will need to provide a local solution.


12.3.4 In the event of any special modules, additional charges may apply.


12.4 Web Protection (Reblaze)


12.4.1 RIDGEWORKS DS will provide a comprehensive cloud based web protection shield (DDOS protection).


12.4.2 You will need to provide the appropriate domain and website services access.


12.4.3 You must change CNAME record for the Reblaze service to work.




13 Sage 200 Services


13.1 Contract holders will be kept informed of new developments from Sage. The Sage 200 Services Agreement which you signed before implementation of Sage 200 and which is paid annually, includes a renewable licence to use the Sage 200 system you have purchased. Full details of the additional services offered by Sage 200 Services are available on request or from the Sage website.


13.2 Under the licence, you are entitled to:


13.2.1 Continued use of the Sage software for 12 months.


13.2.2 Sage Software Upgrades to the latest version allowing your business to benefit from new functionality.


13.2.3 Free maintenance revisions for your program, featuring enhancements and legislative changes on supported versions.


NB: Wherever possible, RIDGEWORKS DS will include the installation of Sage 200 upgrades free of charge under this Contract but where complicated, customised or infrastructure not supported by RIDGEWORKS DS are involved, a charge may be necessary which will be discussed and agreed with you before work is commenced.


14 RIDGEWORKS DS Software Applications & Customisations


14.1 Where your Contract specifies, RIDGEWORKS DS will provide support which includes assistance with the installation & configuration of the bespoke application/customisation developed by RIDGEWORKS DS and the use of the software and, where required, assistance with the tracing of any faults associated with the operation of the software. Where a fault is related to the software, RIDGEWORKS DS will request a written report including sufficient and timely evidence of suspected faults to diagnose the cause upon which RIDGEWORKS DS will investigate the problem and advise on an appropriate course of action.


14.2 At such times as RIDGEWORKS DS makes available new maintenance updates, RIDGEWORKS DS will provide you with such updates, subject to the maintenance/support fees covering the software being paid.


14.3 It is not within our control how, and for what purposes, you use the software. In no event, therefore, will RIDGEWORKS DS be liable for any indirect, consequential, incidental or special damage, or loss of any kind (including loss of profits, business, chargeable time, anticipated savings, goodwill, any business interruption or loss of data) however caused and whether arising under contract, tort, including negligence, statute or otherwise. If any exclusion, disclaimer or other provision contained in this Contract is held to be invalid for any reason by a court of competent jurisdiction and RIDGEWORKS DS becomes liable for loss or damage that could otherwise be limited, such liability whether in contract, tort or otherwise, will not exceed the price paid by you for the software.


14.4 Where a bespoke software application or customisation is designed/developed for You by RIDGEWORKS DS or a representative or 3rd party of RIDGEWORKS DS, a specification or quotation will be supplied detailing the contents of the software to be designed prior to commencement of work. It should be signed by you at the initial stage and at stages agreed between RIDGEWORKS DS and You. No development shall commence and/or be accepted by RIDGEWORKS DS until first confirmed as above and by You via letter or e-mail, and the appropriate deposit fee for such software has been paid.


14.5 Support for such bespoke applications will be limited to the extent of the application as supplied at handover date and specified in your Schedule of Cover. Where possible, subsequent minor changes will be included within the Contract, but where RIDGEWORKS DS deems the requested change to be outside the scope of ‘minor’, a quotation will be submitted for the requested work on a time-estimated basis and any additional charge for the support of the work if relevant.




15 Sage Payroll/Pensions Module


15.1 If you have the Sage Payroll and/or Pensions Module, all support is provided by Sage under your support contract with them. If your Contract with RIDGEWORKS DS includes cover for accounting software for other areas of your business, RIDGEWORKS DS are happy to include initial support for Payroll & Pensions free of charge, but reserve the right to refer You to Sage if the issue proves more complex.






16 Exclusions


A contract is intended to provide regular users of the Systems with an efficient and timely help line to resolve issues arising. This Contract therefore excludes


16.1 On line training for users unfamiliar with the system


16.2 Training either by telephone, remote or on site. Where RIDGEWORKS DS feels that calls & issues logged are caused by ‘lack of training’ then a representative from RIDGEWORKS DS will advise accordingly and discuss (where applicable) the training of the user(s) for the subject of the call logged


16.3 Recovery of lost or corrupted data. In such circumstances and at your request RIDGEWORKS DS may attempt data recovery at an agreed fee but cannot guarantee results.


16.4 Work required as a result of operator error or any other improper use. In these instances RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to charge for assistance.


16.5 Damage to the Systems, as a result of any failure of or change in electricity, air conditioning, humidity control or other environmental or operating conditions not recommended or approved by RIDGEWORKS DS or by the Systems manufacturer


16.6 Electrical or other work external to the equipment


16.7 Work on Systems that have been moved, repaired or tampered with by any person other than RIDGEWORKS DS representatives.


16.8 Repair or replacement of consumable accessories


16.9 Work where the Systems have been moved from the installation address without RIDGEWORKS DS prior written approval.


16.10 Work where the configuration of the Systems has been changed or additional hardware has been added to the Systems without RIDGEWORKS DS prior written approval.


16.11 Diagnosis of the failure of Systems not maintained by RIDGEWORKS DS.


16.12 Any fixing or patching of Systems or applications not purchased from RIDGEWORKS DS unless specifically included in your Schedule of Cover.


16.13 Work on old or unstable Systems where explicit recommendations to upgrade or replace have been ignored. Where RIDGEWORKS DS considers that any Systems are no longer readily maintainable, support for those Systems may be withdrawn (on giving you not less than sixty days prior notice), the support charge reduced accordingly or an agreement reached to maintain the Systems at an additional charge.


16.14 Consultancy, unless supplied as part of the Contract and detailed in your Schedule of Cover.


16.15 Assistance where, in RIDGEWORKS DS reasonable opinion, a fault is due to accident, neglect, misuse or failure of Systems not supplied by RIDGEWORKS DS


16.16 Any work resulting from vandalism, fire, theft or accidental damage.


16.17 Installation of new software and or upgrades supplied by a different supplier.


16.18 Suspected or confirmed faults relating to Systems supplied through RIDGEWORKS DS, but not by RIDGEWORKS DS. In these instances RIDGEWORKS DS will liaise between all parties and report back to such organisations on your behalf with regard to the fault(s).


16.19 The correction and/or restore of data following a user deleting information, entering incorrect data, or attempting to maintain the Systems. RIDGEWORKS DS will offer support and consultancy in such instances but reserves the right to charge.


16.20 Any consequential loss as a result of virus infection or removal


16.21 Any data corruption or loss in failing to retrieve or restore data. Should such data loss occur, RIDGEWORKS DS will make every effort to recover it, but if 3rd party specialist data recovery services are required, then RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to pass on any charges that may apply


16.22 Support for lapsed contracts.


16.23 Printer, scanner and monitor repairs (rarely economic to repair).


16.24 The cost of any parts required.


16.25 New installation work.


16.26 Hardware beyond economic repair.


16.27 Maintenance where new software/alterations have been introduced without RIDGEWORKS DS knowledge and are found to have caused system problems/failure.


16.28 For any further specific variations, please see your Schedule of Cover.




17 Confidentiality and Data Security


17.1 RIDGEWORKS DS will use reasonable care to prevent the unauthorized use or dissemination of your confidential information. Reasonable care means at least the same degree of care RIDGEWORKS DS uses to protect its own confidential information from unauthorised disclosure.


17.2 Confidential information refers to company-sensitive data and information disclosed during transactions & discussions between RIDGEWORKS DS and You.


17.3 Confidential information does not include information that


17.3.1 RIDGEWORKS DS knew before you disclosed it


17.3.2 Is or becomes public knowledge through no fault of RIDGEWORKS DS


17.3.3 RIDGEWORKS DS obtains from sources other than You who owe no duty of confidentiality to You


17.3.4 RIDGEWORKS DS independently develops.


17.4 Provision for system security, backups and backup verification is your sole responsibility. RIDGEWORKS DS is happy to advise options. As a general rule, RIDGEWORKS DS suggests:


17.4.1 Regular backups securely stored off-site.


17.4.2 Maintain a backup ‘history’ so you do not overwrite the backup immediately previous.


17.4.3 Where the facility exists, run any ‘check data’ routines before backing up.


17.4.4 Backup before updates or accounting period ends.


17.4.5 Archive each month’s accounts before closing off.




18 RIDGEWORKS DS Disclaimers and Warranties


18.1 In the course of providing support and services, in the unlikely event of any corruption or hardware failure, RIDGEWORKS DS cannot guarantee to be able to replace lost data. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, wrong delivery, and any and all Systems interruptions caused by RIDGEWORKS DS.


18.2 So far as permitted by law and particularly in respect of non-consumers, all implied conditions, warranties and terms (whether express or implied by statute, common law, custom or otherwise) including, but not limited to, those relating to the exercise of reasonable care and skill, fitness for purpose and satisfactory quality (where applicable) are hereby excluded in relation to the Systems to be provided hereunder to the fullest extent permitted by law.


18.3 For the avoidance of doubt, any use of the Systems in the course of conducting business shall give rise to You or any customer of yours to whom you resell any Services, being a non-consumer and the provisions of this Contract affecting the statutory consumer protection You or they would otherwise be afforded as a consumer shall not apply.




19 Refunds


19.1 In the event that RIDGEWORKS DS cancels Systems for reasons other than your breach of contract, you will be entitled to a pro rata refund based upon the remaining period of your current contract term.




20 Payments


20.1 Payment for Contracts must reach RIDGEWORKS DS BEFORE renewal date to ensure continuity. A late payment may result in support being put ‘on hold’ pending settlement and a rejoining fee is payable for lapsed contracts.


20.2 Where monthly payments have been agreed, these must be settled by Direct Debit. Invoices will be sent on 1st of the month and collected on 5th or 18th of that month depending on setup date. Pro rata payment for the first setup month, if due, will be taken in the first Direct Debit payment.


20.3 RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to change the Prices and/or nature of its Support and Services by giving you written notice of those changes. Notice of changes to prices and/or Support and Services will be given by e-mail to the e-mail address held in your RIDGEWORKS DS account.


20.4 All payments must be made in UK Pounds Sterling, together with value added tax thereon.


20.5 All invoices will be sent directly to You via email prior to the due date for payment.


20.6 If You fail to make any payment that is due, RIDGEWORKS DS reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or cancel the Systems and/or Support & Services provided to You. Such interruption, suspension or cancellation does not relieve You from paying all contractually obligated amounts due to RIDGEWORKS DS.


20.7 Payment for any other services are as stated in the Terms and Conditions on the reverse of the RIDGEWORKS DS invoice.


20.8 Systems not covered by this Contract will be chargeable at standard rates.


20.9 If RIDGEWORKS DS agrees to carry out work outside the Contract, You will pay either the fee agreed or if no fee is agreed, our standard daily rate for such work prevailing at that time plus costs for required parts, if any.


20.30 Minimum Term for service, All contract will automatically role over, if notice is not giving in the last 30 days off the current contract period.

VOIP: – 36 month

IT Support: – 12 months

Cloud Services: – 12 months

Internet / Mobile Data: – 12 Months

Web Hosting: – 12 Months



21 Access and co‐operation


21.1 You will notify RIDGEWORKS DS of issues or problems in a timely manner


21.2 You will maintain good communication with RIDGEWORKS DS at all times.


21.3 You agree to provide RIDGEWORKS DS with appropriate system access, facilities and assistance to enable our representatives to carry out required work on your behalf. Such assistance may include running time to test the system. RIDGEWORKS DS shall not be liable where we are unable to provide support or other services as a result of your failure to provide such facilities or assistance.


21.4 You will ensure that your representative is present at all times when our representative is at the Installation address unless otherwise agreed in writing, failing which RIDGEWORKS DS shall be entitled to suspend the work and charge for any time lost.


21.5 You will ensure that where necessary RIDGEWORKS DS is informed of any password changes to allow us to carry out support covered under this contract.


21.6 You will keep and operate the Systems in a proper manner.


21.7 You will ensure that your staff are reasonably trained in the use of the Systems covered by this Contract.


21.8 You will maintain correct operating licences and installation media




22 Liability


22.1 RIDGEWORKS DS shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by you or any customer of yours arising out of or in connection with any breach of this Contract by you or any act, misrepresentation, error or omission made by you or on your behalf.


22.2 RIDGEWORKS DS will not be liable for any indirect loss, consequential loss, loss of profit, revenue, data or goodwill howsoever arising suffered by you or for any wasted management time or failure to make anticipated savings or liability you incur to any third party arising in any way in connection with this Contract or otherwise whether or not such loss has been discussed by the parties pre-contract or for any account for profit, costs or expenses arising from such damage or loss.


22.3 No matter how many claims are made and whatever the basis of such claims, RIDGEWORKS DS’s maximum aggregate liability to you under or in connection with this Contract in respect of any direct loss (or any other loss to the extent that such loss is not excluded by other provisions in this Contract) whether such claim arises in contract or in tort shall not exceed a sum equal to the amount paid by you for the Systems in relation to which your claim arises during the 12 month period prior to such claim.


22.4 None of the clauses herein shall apply so as to restrict liability for death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of RIDGEWORKS DS, its employees or its sub-contractors.


22.5 RIDGEWORKS DS shall not be liable for any interruptions to the Systems or outages arising directly or indirectly from:-


22.5.1 interruptions to the flow of data to or from the internet;


22.5.2 changes, updates or repairs to the network or software which it uses as a platform to provide the Systems;


22.5.3 the effects of the failure or interruption of Systems provided by third parties;


22.5.4 factors outside of RIDGEWORKS DS’ reasonable control;


22.5.5 your actions or omissions (including, without limitation, breach of your obligations set out in the Contract) or those of any third parties;


22.5.6 problems with your equipment and/or third party equipment; or


22.5.7 interruptions to the Support & Services requested by you.




23 Force Majeure


23.1 RIDGEWORKS DS shall not be responsible for any failure to provide any support and services or perform any obligation under the Contract because of any act of God, strike, lock-outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of RIDGEWORKS DS or any other party) or compliance with any law of governmental or any other order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers, work stoppage, war, riot or civil commotion, equipment or facilities shortages which are being experienced by providers of telecommunication services generally, or other similar force beyond its reasonable control.




24 Variations


24.1 RIDGEWORKS DS may update or amend these terms of business, the terms of our service levels, any technical specification relating to the Systems from time to time to comply with law or to meet our changing business requirements.


24.2 RIDGEWORKS DS will give you prior notice of any changes to the Contract and you can choose to cancel the relevant section of the Contract without penalty before the new terms affect you. Display of the modified terms and conditions shall be deemed to be notice to you. You also agree to review the Contract and Schedule of Cover regularly to ensure you are aware of any amendments made or required.




25 General


25.1 The failure of RIDGEWORKS DS to require your performance of any provision shall not affect the full right to require such performance at any time thereafter, nor shall the waiver by RIDGEWORKS DS of a breach of any provision hereof be taken or held to be a waiver of the provision itself.


25.2 The provisions, terms, conditions representations, warranties, covenants, and obligations contained in or imposed by this Contract which by their performance after the termination of this Contract, shall be and remain enforceable notwithstanding termination of the Contract for any reason.


25.3 You agree that any notice or communications required or permitted to be delivered under this Contract by RIDGEWORKS DS to You shall be deemed to have been given if delivered by e-mail, in accordance with the contact information set out in our Schedule of Cover or by first class recorded delivery post to your registered office.


25.4 This Contract shall be governed by English law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.


25.5 This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and agreements are representations or warranties, express or implied, statutory or otherwise and no agreements collateral hereto than as expressly set or referred to herein. This Contract supersedes any prior agreements, representations, statements, negotiations, understandings, proposals or undertakings, oral or written, with respect to the subject matter expressly set forth herein.


25.6 Nothing in this Contract shall be construed as creating an agency relationship, partnership or joint venture between the parties.


25.7 This Contract does not provide and shall not be constructed to provide any third parties, with any remedy, claim, and cause of action or privilege.


25.8 In the event that any provision of this Contract shall be unenforceable or invalid under any applicable law or be so held by applicable court decision, such unenforceability or invalidity shall not render this Contract unenforceable or invalid as a whole. RIDGEWORKS DS will amend or replace such provision with one that is valid and enforceable and which achieves, to the extent possible, the original objectives and intent of RIDGEWORKS DS as reflected in the original provision.


The contract is valid for an initial period of 12 months. The contract applies thereafter until further notice with a notice period of 3 months.




Obtaining Support* – please publicise to relevant staff in your organisation




Support Enquiries








Relaying your problem. Please try to give us as much information as possible about the problem – how/when it is happening etc. and send any relevant screen shots.


Error Messages:  Keep a careful note of all error messages that appear on screen.  Use Alt/Print Screen wherever possible and paste into an e-mail to us showing the background screen.




Backups:  Ensure your systems are backed up daily and stored off-site.  We are happy to talk to you about suitable backup solutions.

Requesting Support



Any problems encountered when using the systems covered by this contract will be addressed by telephone, email, or remote connection.  So far as is reasonable and practicable, telephone support will be given only to people having at least a basic knowledge of the systems.  Please note the following procedures for obtaining support:-



Telephone Support.  To talk to us, please ring us on 0113 216 6777.   Support lines are open 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  It would be useful if you could email through any supporting information/ screen shots, etc  relating to the query.



Email Support.  Please email helpdesk@ridgeworks.co.uk (rather than an individual who may be absent when you need help).   Your enquiry will be acknowledged and an email response will be sent by the next working day.

On-Site support:


Where telephone support is not able to resolve a problem but an on-site visit may, you will have a priority visit at a discounted rate.


Support Portal


You can report issues easily via email or on your customer service portal, The online portal allows you to see the status of your issue and any live changes or comments made to it on your support ticket. To log in or register on the service portal go to Click Here .


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