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Best VOIP Solutions in LEEDS, UK To improve Communications

Small businesses are looking for easy, cost-effective and simple ways to manage their communications and that’s why Ridgeworks offers the best VOIP Solutions in Leeds and all across the UK. 

With traditional ISDN telephony being phased out in the UK by 2025, many companies are turning to VOIP as it is the natural upgrade path to deliver a seamless, trusted environment.

At Ridgeworks, we are proud to offer cost-effective VoIP Solutions in Leeds, UK making communications simple, cost-effective, and efficient!

Benefits of VOIP


Why Hosted Voice?

Using Hosted Voice means you are on a stable UK network which offers over 99.9% reliability. You will also receive your own dedicated environment, reducing human error and engineer callout times.

Software Assurance

Our Hosted Voice is always up to date using automatic software updates helping to protect you from telephony toll fraud.

Disaster Recovery

Our Hosted Voice has built in disaster recovery options should an outage occur, meaning it’s easy to reroute calls to an alternative number.

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Easy Setup

Hosted Voice environments can be setup within a few days and handsets delivered within a week. Changes can be made quickly, it’s easy to scale and add new users with no disruption.

High Definition Quality

No compromises are made to the quality of calls. All calls are made using High Definition Audio meaning no matter where you are the call is of high quality and reliable. The call quality will be of the same standard as you receive from other large telecom providers in the UK


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